Dry Gas Seal Repair Services

Dry Gas Seal (DGS) is nowadays recognized by markets as the most reliable sealing device for Centrifugal Gas Compressors. After decades the DGS technology has proven to be effectively reliable and has better performance than other shaft sealing methods as outlined in API 617.

Nevertheless, to achieve optimum performance DGS needs to be clean and dry, and has positive pressure all the time. Guidance on dry gas sealing systems for centrifugal gas compressors is available in API Standard 692.

Since its establishment in mid of 2017, the Dry Gas Seal (DGS) facility belongs to TAS has gained trust from customers. A number of DGS jobs have been secured. Thanks to all customers for trusting us as their business partners!

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To support national demands, our quick-response team is ready to provide wide range of services on DGS and Turbomachinery matters such as DGS refurbishment (any OEM brands), DGS retrofit/upgrade, fluid control systems upgrade, onsite trouble shooting, etc.

All about think local!

Due to certain considerations the majority of Dry Gas Seal (DGS) users opt in to refurbish where local support and facility are the first choice when the DGS is removed from the Centrifugal Gas Compressor unit in a good condition (repairable).

At TAS, our facility is complete and our engineers are able to refurbish DGS to return DGS to 'as new condition'.

Various groove profiles such as uni-directional and bi-directional spiral grooves, T-Slot and other groove profiles can be restored to OEM designs.

Several customers in Indonesia and also overseas have entrusted the DGS refurbishment works to us.

Need Dry Gas Seal Repair Services ?

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