Gearbox Repair Services

Industrial gearboxes are constantly facing high demands in terms of availability, reliability and performance. Changes in manufacturing processes or production volume might damage the equipment, or – in worst case – lead to malfunction and unwanted downtime. The correct timing for removal and remanufacturing of gearboxes is therefore essential for achieving the right balance between the longest service life and lowest operating costs. Through our full range of gearbox repair services, we can not only diagnose a problem; we can also design and deliver the right technical solution to eliminate it. Our services cover all brands and types of gearboxes.

  • The right know-how. How parts are installed, lubricated, handled, stored, aligned, transported, and maintained is equally important. Our technicians complete extensive training in gearbox analysis, bearing installation, lubrication systems, and condition monitoring technologies-giving them the skills they need to perform optimal diagnoses and repairs.
  • The right resources. Our certified rebuilders have access to an unparalleled collection of parts, tools, and technical support. They’re kept up-to-date with the latest technologies and best practices. And they’re empowered to perform root-cause failure analyses and troubleshooting. In short, they have the resources needed to do your repair right.

The gearbox repair is carried out with the complete disassembly of the gearbox; after the analysis all the worn components are replaced: bearings, gears, gaskets / seals or other damaged mechanical parts that are redesigned and remanufactured in case they are not commercially available. Finally, after the assembly of the gearbox, the final test is performed to check its efficiency and operation (any noise, leaks, etc.).

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