A High Quality Membrane Coupling

CENTADISC-T series torsional couplings are designed and built for the high-load requirements of rail applications. The unique electrically insulated membrane ensures safety and efficiency for rail industry usage. The CENTADISC-T features a simple, compact design that’s easy to install and assemble and very low-maintenance. Designed to avoid the damage caused by leakage or high-frequency currents, the CENTADISC-T offers high-capacity resistance and optimum protection. CENTADISC-T is designed for the high speeds associated with rail applications, while providing the best option for integrated overload functionality.

The simple, easy-to-maintain design of CENTADISC-T couplings makes them an industry solution for rail. Able to accommodate very high speeds and hold up to corrosion, these strong, highly engineered couplings are the leading choice for railway applications. Built for extreme loads, the CENTADISC-T offers uncompromising electrical insulation, protecting against the damage of high-frequency currents. With compact dimensions and superior misalignment compensation, the CENTADISC-T is a rail drive solution you can rely on.

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