Flexibility in Both Design and Use

The unique, proven steel membrane design of the CENTADISC-M series driveshaft transmits higher torques while it compensates for significant misalignment. With a lightweight design, the CENTADISC-M Series driveshaft features a tandem steel membrane and intermediate tube of steel or carbon-fiber reinforced plastic. The tandem membrane is radially stiff, but as a double cardanic system, is able to compensate for considerable axial misalignment. The CENTADISC-M is ideally suited for ship propulsion, pump drives, cooling tower drives, papermills, printing, and general power transmission. With a modular design, components are easily exchanged without disturbing the connected shafts, making the CENTADISC-M a low-maintenance solution. Available in lengths up to 10 meters (30’) per section, the CENTADISC-M reduces the need for additional components such as bearings and foundations, making it a truly cost-effective driveshaft solution.

CENTADISC-M series features a thin wall steel tube welded at the ends (or available as a single-piece construction for short-length applications). Also available with a tube made from carbon-fiber reinforced composite material, making the tube lighter weight, corrosion resistant, and able to withstand higher speeds. The unique CENTA clamping device connects the composite tube to steel adaptors by gripping the tube from the inside, making it dynamically strong without adhesive. CENTADISC-M series flexible driveshafts are lightweight, making them ideal for high-speed ferries and ships, but with the precision-engineered design, the M series products offer a driveshaft solution for many other industries and applications as well.

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