TDP Series BB2

API 610 11th ed. Single Stage Double Suction Pump(BB2)

API 610(BB2) Radial Split, Double Suction Process Pump.

We are providing the pump solutions which permit customers to continuously improve productivity, profitability and pumping system reliability.

Our BB2 pump meets the requirements of API 610 11th edition.

It is engineered and built for reliable and safe performance at the elevated temperatures and the pressures experienced in refining and power applications.

  • Max. Capacity : 8000m3/h (35200GPM)
  • Temperature : 400℃(784℉)->(752℉)
  • Power : 2500kw(3350HP)
  • Max. Head : 340m (1120ft)->(1246ft)
  • Allowed Pressures : 60kg/cm3 (850psi)
  • Material : DCI, WCB, CF8, CF8M, CD4M, CN7M, HASTELLOY B&C, CA6NM, CF3M (Pump Material complies with API 610 Table H.1.)
  • ETC1 : Back pull-out design for easy maintenance.
  • ETC2 : Centerline Mounted for high temp service.
  • ETC3 : Between Bearings Design for improving rotor stability.

  • Petroleum refining, production and distribution
  • Petrochemical and heavy-duty chemical processing
  • Gas industry services
  • Boiler-feed booster and other high temperature services
  • Water and general industrial

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