Girth Gears

With a variety of options for cast, fabricated steel or SG iron and multi-segmented gears, David Brown Santasalo is your one stop shop for girth gears for AG, SAG, ball mill and crushing applications.

Engineered in segments, starting from two and with no upper limit, we can manufacture girth gears up to 14 metres diameter. With interchangeable segments for easy repair and maintenance, our girth gears have delivered longstanding, reliable operation for decades.

Skilled management of the stress relieving process is of utmost importance in the production of an accurate and stable final girth gear and we can provide this in-house at our global manufacturing facilities.

  • Girth gears manufactured to 10MW per pinion
  • Flange or tangent plate mounting
  • T and Y section gears
  • Use of advanced ADI (Austempered Ductile Iron) material to minimise gear wear
  • High reliability and accurate tooth geometry
  • Spur and helical designs
  • Easy and cost effective replacement of individual segments
  • Machined to exacting tolerances, up to AGMA10 or IS07 for certain applications.

David Brown Santasalo helical gears can offer advantages over spur gears in certain applications. Thrust bearings are required to carry the additional load along the axis of helical gears and a specific lubricant is used to cope with the sliding friction between the meshing teeth.

Gear wear is minimised by the use of Austempered Ductile Iron (ADI) in castings. ADI has a high torque/weight ratio, together with increased resistance to fatigue and wear for a longer ring gear life.

Highly accurate production and assembly techniques minimise vibration and further enhance the long service life of David Brown Santasalo girth gears. For critical applications, optional condition monitoring tools enable the performance of a drive system to be followed either in real-time or as a part of regular inspections. If damage to the gear should occur, individual segments can be replaced instead of changing the whole gear, making it possible to carry spare parts.

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