GearWatch Condition Monitoring

Our GearWatch condition management system is a smart and compact tool for predictive remote process equipment monitoring. GearWatch measures, records and analyses data, reporting any changes in measured parameters in real time, 24/7 via the internet.

Oil particle content monitoring enables early detection of potential gear unit failures months, or even a year in advance. This allows you to plan maintenance activities around your operational requirements and reduce downtime.

A proactive and customisable remote monitoring service for industrial gears, GearWatch is available in three packages:

  • Detection of gear unit wear process through oil particle counting
  • Compact & cost-efficient condition monitoring solution
  • Measurement results are simple to analyse

  • Oil analysing unit detects early stages of the wear process
  • Proactive approach to operation with oil quality measurements

Tailored monitoring systems for gear units and drive trains with selected parameters:

  • Oil particle counter
  • Vibration
  • Rotational speed
  • Temperature
  • Oil quality
  • Oil pressure
  • Load
GearWatch can be tailored to your operating parameters. All data is monitored by gearbox experts at our central control centre. Not only does it measure changes within the gearbox, it can also monitor a full range of equipment including motors, hydraulic systems and bearings, as required. Furthermore, GearWatch can support any industrial application in process critical industries globally.

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