TSP Series OH2

API 610 11th ed. Single-Stage Process Pump(OH2)

TRUFLO TSP Series are designed and manufactured to offer customers to optimum hydraulic performance and reliability.

All pumps produce for meeting the design requirement of API 610 11th edition.

These process pumps have high temperature stability, the simple construction of TSP(OH2) pumps provide ease of maintenance and installation.

TSP single stage process pumps are appropriate for using on a wide variety of industrial and whole plants.

  • Max. Capacity : 1500m3/h (66000GPM)
  • Temperature : 400℃(752℉)
  • Power : 1200kw(1600HP)
  • Max. Head: 340m(1115ft)
  • Allowed Pressure : 60kg/cm3 (853psi)
  • Material : DCI, WCB, CF8, CF8M, CD4M, CN7M, HASTELLOY B&C.(Pump Material complies with API 610 Table H.1.) -Pump Isolator standard : labyrinth oil seal.(Pump isolator can be installed as BEARING GARD or ISOMAG upon request.)
  • ETC1 : Bearing housing have a magnetic drain plug.
  • ETC2 : Maximum hydraulic efficiency.
  • ETC3 : Centerline Mounted
  • ETC4 : High temperature stability.
  • ETC5 : Designed for one craft stability.

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