MAP Series OH1

ASME B73.3 Metallic Magnetic Drive Pump(OH1)

  • The magnetic drive pump is used for no leakage service in industry and is the most economical and efficient pump.
  • This pump was designed for eliminating the leakage problems associated with centrifugal pumps with mechanical seals.
  • The MAP series was developed to conform to ASME B73.3 dimensions.
  • Customers can change ASME pumps without any correction of piping systems or foundations. Also, the material of MAP series can be selected from DCI to Hastelloy C in accordance with the liquid property.
  • The MAP series is an Excellent pump used to solve problems caused by leakage in the field

  • Max. Capacity : 600m3/h (2600GPM)
  • Temperature : 420℃(788℉)
  • Power : 175kw(235HP)
  • Max. Head: 230m (755ft)
  • Allowed Pressure : 16kg/cm3 (228psi)
  • Material : CF8, CF8M, CD4M, CD4McU CN7M, CA6NM, CF3, CF3M, CX2MW, CW6M, CE3NM, TITANIUM
  • ETC1 : “Sealless” No leakage operation
  • ETC2 : Back Pull-out design
  • ETC3 : Excellent for process industry

  • Volatile organic chemicals
  • liquidized gas
  • Explosive liquids
  • Irritants
  • Seal sensitive service
  • Hazardous services

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